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“The passion of María Soliña” was filmed using new filming tecniques.

The filming was done using a Canon 5D Markt II camera obtaining a high quality image and achieving this way a pictorial aspect in the scenes where this was required to create this story.

Emblematic places were found in interiors as also exteriors for the filming of this story set in the 17th century to be able to obtain credibility and to transport us to the times when this action took place.

THE MONASTERY OF CARBOEIRO ( Bandeira – Pontevedra )

This location provided the ideal conditions needed in order to recreate the tribunal of Santiago de Compostela and the trial of María Soliña. In the natural surroundings of the monastery (forests, rivers, pathways..) we recreate Salazar y Frias trip to the Pyrenees of Navarra in 1614 in his investigation of the process of Logroño and the witches of Zugarramurdi. This location represents similar landscapes and vegetation he described.


In this location we recreate the prison of the inquisition where María Soliña was withheld and also the torture chamber where she was taken to force her confession.

In the exteriors of San Xoan de Mosteiro many of the witchcraft scenes of María Soliña were filmed, representing what the witnesses had testified in the Inquisition trial.

PAZO OF NEGREIRA ( Negreira - A Coruña )

In the Pazo of Negreira, in one of the annex houses of the building we recreated María Soliña´s house where she lived with her husband. In the actual Pazo ( mansion ) the interview to the historian was filmed, where he tells us the story of the inquisition and Soliña.


Other locations of the different scenes of the feature film were filmed around Cangas in Cabo Home, , in Moaña, Lalín, Silleda, Vila de Cruces, Santiago de Compostela, Tui, Arbo, Cies Islands, Vigo, Baiona and Oia.

We even travelled to the peaks of Europe in Leon to film some of the scenes.

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