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The starting point when writing the script was to create an audiovisual version of the story of Maria Soliña, distinguishing between the strictly historical events from the universal legendary beliefs. Through this chronicle set in the XVII century we try to create a truthful profile far from the cliché about the (modus operandi) Tribunal of the Spanish Inquisition’s procedures.

The feature film is structured through the interview of a historian who is the character who situates the historical events and comments on the social background.

The type of film could be described as “fictional essay”

The title, The Passion of Maria Soliña, makes an allusion to the film by Dreyer La passion de Jeanne D’arc, due to the parallelisms between the two main characters. The film’s style is a tribute to the the Danish director´s work using posterior films such as Ordet on Dies Irae as inspiration.

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